Video – Konkani Manyata Divas at P G Kamath Nagar

While the World Konkani Centre, Anugraha Charitable Trust and Kerala Konkani Academy joined together to observe “Konkani Manyata Divas” at Kochi on 05 September 2010, the venue was named “P G Kamath Nagar” with deep respects to the late poet and scholar P. G. Kamath. In fact a portrait of P.G.Kamath was unveiled during the occasion by Konkani Sardar Basti Vaman Shenoy, in the presence of the family members and friends of the late scholar, and that marked the birth of P.G.Kamath Foundation. The Dept. of Art & Culture, Govt. of Goa, deputed a delegation of artistes to perform folk dances during the occasion, and here is a video clip of a presentation.