OLLOKH – ओळख – Cognizance

This is P.G.Kamath’s second anthology of poems which largely remained  un-compiled. ओळख (OLLOKH) was released during the First PGK Commemoration Function held in March 2011. The book contains 28 poems by PGK, and the Preface is contributed by Adv. Udai Bhembre, President of Asmitai Pratishtan, Goa. The book is in Devanagari script, containing 62 pages. Cover picture is a caricature of PGK, drawn by the young artist from Mangalore, Sri.Nikhil M Pai. The book is priced @ Rs.100/- per copy, and can be obtained by speed post. Orders can be sent by Email ( or SMS (09447730866). Payment can be effected directly to our Bank Account under intimation to us (Please see ‘Contact Us’ page for details in this web site)